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Oréganum Plus® 1:1

Oreganum Plus 1:1

Oréganum Plus® 1:1A factor in the maintenance of good healthThe wild Turkish oregano in this product is not the oregano spice sold in supermarkets, which is actually marjoram.

The wild Turkish oregano in this product is not the oregano spice sold in supermarkets, which is actually marjoram. Oregano, which literally translates as "delight of the mountains", originates in the mountainous regions of the eastern Mediterranean. It is a traditional medicine of that region, having been used over the centuries for treatment and prevention of the common cold, flu and other ills. Modern research repeatedly corroborates the astonishing medicinal properties of this plant. Our Oréganum Plus 1:1 is the essential oil diluted with an equal part of cold-pressed, organic extra-virgin olive oil.

An ethnopharmacological survey of Turkish folk medicinal plants revealed that oregano is a standard plant used by local peoples for the common cold. The authors report that, "Among the recorded species, Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum … (is among) the most popular plants used in the treatment of many ailments". Oregano is also a traditional medicine of India for toothache, rheumatism and earache.

Herbal botanist James Duke, PhD assigns oregano a 2-leaf rating (on a scale ranging from 1 leaf to 3) for sinusitis. Duke describes oregano as "a member of the mint family that’s simply loaded with antiseptic compounds". Duke also rates wild oregano as having the highest concentration of antioxidants of 100 mint family plants tested.

Dan Kenner, PhD confirms the oral use of this essential oil: "In France, essential oil of oregano, taken orally, has been recognized as one of the most clinically useful remedies for all types of infections."

Noted herbalist Allan K. Tillotson has a monograph on the use of oregano essential oil. He writes that, "Carvacrol and thymol, two volatile oils found in oregano are known to thin mucus, relieve coughing, and relax muscle spasms. These actions make the herb a very useful treatment for lung disorders, including pneumonia, sinus congestion, hay fever, chronic bronchitis and rhinitis". Schauenberg and Paris confirm that wild oregano treats "violent coughs, whooping coughs and other disorders of the respiratory organs".

Pharmacist and researcher James B LaValle reveals that oregano essential oil has potent COX-2 inhibiting properties, useful for arthritis. He reports that, "Its COX-2-inhibiting properties should bring new devotees among those seeking relief from the symptoms of inflammatory disease".

Jean Valnet, in his book The Practice of Aromatherapy, describes how oil of oregano outperformed anti-inflammatory drugs in reversing pain and inflammation and is nearly as powerful as morphine as a painkiller.

Added Vitamin D simply makes this great product even better!

Administration: Take 1-2 drops, 2-4 times daily in a little milk, olive oil, juice or water between meals or as needed. Children can be administered the oil in the same dosage to the soles of the feet.

Note: at 50 IU/drop, the daily dose of 2-4 drops would yield 100-200 IU of vitamin D per day.

Contraindications and Cautions:

Store away from Children. Avoid contact with eyes. Heat sensation is normal.

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