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Summer Herbal Medicine Walks

YarrowWe're very happy to offer the long awaited summer herb course schedule, taught by Chad Cornell. The focus this summer is to get right out into the wild lands and Gardens of our city and Boreal.

  1. Boreal Plant Walk
  2. Our Common Roots Whiteshell Course
  3. Plant Spirit Medicine
  4. A Garden of Legends
  5. Urban Wild Food and Medicine Tour

Please call or email as soon as possible as space is limited.
Ph: 204-786-0820 or info@hollowreedholistic.ca

1 . Boreal Plant Walk

Meeting Our Wild Forest Allies. Our Boreal Forest is a Medicine Chest, not only is it filled with wild foods and medicines but with amazing plants that are nourishing and healing simply to be with. This course is perfect for someone who simply wants to know more about what is growing around them in the Boreal and how to harvest and relate to the plants in a holistic way. Many plants covered here from uva ursi and birch, to blueberry and tamarack, yarrow, juniper, poplar, rose, muskeg, goldenrod and others.

Sat, July 21st , Second date Sat, August 4th. 2.5 hours $33

2. Our Common Roots Whiteshell Course

This course covers the fundamentals of herbal medicine. It is taught to inspire the budding and seasoned herbalist alike and covers the basics needed to feel competent with using plants as both wild foods and medicines. We will cover:

  • The basic history of our global herbal traditions
  • The fundamentals of the elemental systems of healing such as those found Ayurveda, how to understand plants just by their smell, color, taste, and role in the forest or field.
  • The basic principles and terms essential to an herbalist
  • Herbs for some key health issues of our era
  • Specific medicinal plants, mostly local, and herbal preparations
  • Going out and meeting the plants in their natural Boreal environment

Details on The Whiteshell Provincial Park: If people wish to stay overnight there are many resort and campgrounds around Brereton Lake – Inverness Falls Resort is right at the site, Brereton Lake Resort and Campground is just up the road, Nutimik Campground which also has yurts for rent is not too far either.

Dates & Time:
Sat & Sun - July 28 and 29th.  2 days, 3.5  hours per day.  Starting at 1:30pm $140

3.  Plant Spirit Medicine

The Art of Healing with Plants. Our ancestors did not use laboratories to learn about plants, so then how did they know how to use them for specific purposes? The intellectual study of plants tends to be a very masculine way to learn, yet there is a feminine and receptive path to knowing as well. 

This course focuses on how we can use drumming, meditation, intuition, the doctrine of signatures, imagination, and art as a means of relating to and understanding the plants and ecosystem around us.  Supplies and instruments required if you have them, contact us for details.

Dates & Time:
Sunday, July 22nd or Sunday, Aug 5th , Starting at 1:30pm  $33

4. A Garden of Legends

There are many plants that we can learn about directly that grow here in our region that are not commonly found in the wild but are easily cultivated. Here we will cover some key plants cultivated plants such as St John’s Wort, Valerian, Elecampagne, Parlsey, Garlic, Onion, Rosemary, Ginkgo and a few wild prairie plants such Echinacea, Mullein, and many others. At The St Norbert Arts Centre:  Earth - Spirit – Culture.

Date & Time:
Sunday afternoon – 2 hours $25,  1:30pm,  August 19th

5. Urban Wild Food and Medicine Tour

Learning about the wild foods and herbs that grow around us, right in our urban environment. All around us are infamous plants, seeds, roots and berries.

$13. June 28th, July 12th, Aug 16th (7:15 – 8:30 Thursday evenings)

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