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Another Blog from Nancyland

With mercury in retrograde, I have taken this opportunity to get my technical wizardry in action. Having been born under such a star, I have the advantage of this reflection period to make strides in the communication realm, that so often otherwise challenges me.
With my birth chart reflecting Mercury in Pisces in retrograde I have been deeply confused by the world of the world wide web, the straight and narrow and even more confused by my fellow people's lack of psychic abilities. Here, in this blog, i will attempt to over come my desire to escape the world of men, going into the deep pool of goddess alone, and make public my thoughts and feelings in the ares of life that inspire me. My channel is wide and far, with so much to share, it's time i got this writing written down...
My days in Nancyland are rich with wonder, comedy and drama. I am an artist of many mixed media, and as such, am often challenged to choose one area to focus on. In my work, i have many opportunities to help people make choices for their well being. My blog entries will be a reflection of my work and experience in the areas of Aromatherapy, Foodie Activism, Gardening, Yoga, Astrology and Art.
My birth chart also reveals that Venus in Pisces makes me the Queen of my Universe, with a very high standard of quality and kindness, so be prepared to find reviews of my experiences in other venues. I work so hard to present and uphold the products and teachings that I have to share, and believe that all establishments owe this level of quality to their patrons. I'm here to raise the bar folks, its time we stood up for a better life.