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Canadian Elk Antler Velvet (Manitoba Elk Antler)

Canadian Elk Velvet AntlerVelvet antler has been a major natural remedy used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2,000 years. As a restorative energy tonic, it is considered second only to ginseng.Velvet antler does not refer to the velvety skin that covers young antlers, but rather the entire cartilaginous antler in the pre-calcified stage.All members of the deer family (elk, moose, deer, caribou, reindeer) grow new antlers each year. With the exception of caribou and reindeer, only the males produce antlers.The rapid regrowth of antlers in male elk make elk velvet antler the ideal renewable resource. The bulls are not harmed when the young antlers are humanely removed before calcification of the antlers begins. The elk industry in Canada is highly regulated and government supervised with all antler being routinely tested for bacteria levels in Health Canada certified plants to ensure the highest quality products. Only the cartilaginous antler and not the velvet skin itself is used.It is unfortunate that so much focus has been given to elk antler's ability to improve sexual well-being that it has largely become known as an aphrodisiac. This has overshadowed the fact that elk velvet antler is useful in many more applications. It is often thought to be only a remedy for men, but in reality is also very beneficial for women (ie. menstrual and menopausal problems) and for children (aiding proper growth and development). It is also excellent for the aging population as it slows the aging process and provides relief from arthritic and other joint problems.It has been shown that elk velvet antler increases the body's metabolism, speeds healing and recovery from injuries, aids immune response, reduces inflammation, slows the aging process, improves cardiovascular health, and improves both gonadotrophic and thryoid function.Health benefits of elk velvet antler:• boosts energy• promotes joint health,• speeds healing of injuries• improves circulation• relieves arthritis symptoms• reduces inflammation• regulates bone growth• improves resistance to disease and injury• increases bone density• lowers cholesterol