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Deep Immune

Deep Immune® (Astragalus Combo)

Is your immune system weak and easily challenged?

Are you prone to colds and the flu and other infections?

Do you feel chronically run down?

Are you concerned about viral infections?

Are you undergoing chemotherapy?

Are you recovering from surgery?

Discover the many benefits of

    * A great nutritional adjunct for ongoing vitality and wellness
    * Reinforces the innate "deep immune" response within us
    * Maintains physiological and psychological equilibrium
    * Nourishes the bone marrow
    * Extremely useful for auto-immune and immune deficiency disease

From what we know historically as well as current research studies, the consensus is that the Chinese tonic herbs in this formula serve not only to enhance general health, but also to treat various diseases. This can be attributed to the high nutrient levels of these herbs as well as their immune-enhancing qualities. The herbs in this therapeutic combination fall under the category of adaptogens.

DEEP IMMUNE®, among its many superb indications, combines its restorative qualities to help positively affect the adrenal cortex, to restore stamina and improve endurance, overcome fatigue and exhaustion, and help the body deal with stress, overwork, and chronic illness.

It also enhances the immune system, by helping to overcome low immunity with frequent or chronic infections and by keeping up the white blood cell count during chemotherapy.

This formula is also useful for the liver, acting as a liver restorative and protective to help in malnutrition and malabsorption and to rebuild the liver after hepatitis or jaundice. It is also recognized as an anti-viral and anti-allergic remedy.

For little ones, please consider trying St. Francis Herb Farm®'s DEEP IMMUNE® for Children, formulated specifically for the immune needs of little, growing bodies!

For more information about the human immune system, immune function, and the marvellous immune enhancing qualities of this tincture, check out Deep Immunity: Understanding Your Body's Immune System, the fascinating new book by Dr. Anthony Godfrey. Available in bottle sizes of 50mL, 100mL, and 250mL.

A Note On Tinctures

Tinctures are more readily absorbed by the body and have a high degree of bio-availability. As well, they have a long shelf life.

Sometimes people ask us why tinctures are alcohol-based. There are very good reasons. Alcohol is critically important in the extraction of an herb's medicinal ingredients. It also helps to stabilize and preserve them. Alcohol is the ideal carrier substance, conveying the therapeutic goodness of the herb to the body. In itself, too, science has proven that alcohol enhances the immune system and its defences

As for the amount of alcohol taken in an average dose of tincture, you'll be surprised to learn that it's about the same as what you'd find in an overly ripe banana!