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Maca Root

Maca Root

(Lepidium mayenii; 250 mg/ml)

Traditionally used as a tonic and immune stimulant

Traditionally used to enhance male and female fertility

Traditionally used as an aphrodisiac

Traditionally used to treat male impotence and improve hormone functions

Native to the highlands of Peru, this remarkable plant has been used by the indigenous peoples there as both a medicine and a marvelously nutritious root vegetable since before the time of the Incas. These days it is gaining dramatically in popularity on the world stage, highly regarded for its effectiveness in toning, strengthening and balancing the body’s vital functions

Researcher Leslie Taylor points out that, "This energizing plant is also referred to as Peruvian ginseng (although maca is not in the same family as ginseng). Maca has been used for centuries in the Andes to enhance fertility in humans and animals… Maca is a wonderful source of natural vital nutrients. The synergy of so many amino acids, vitamins, and minerals in their natural states may increase the assimilation, uptake, and utilization of them in the body."

"Legend has it," says medicine hunter Chris Kilham, "that during the height of the Incan empire, warriors would consume maca before entering into battle. This would make them fiercely strong. But after conquering a city, the Incan soldiers were prohibited from using maca. That was to protect the conquered women."

Kilham goes on to note that, "Macamides and macaenes are the names given to two groups of novel compounds in maca discovered by a team of analytical chemists... Preliminary experiments with animals point to these compounds as likely sex and energy enhancers. In the experiments, sexual activity and stamina increased significantly as the quantities of macamides and macaenes in the diet increased."

"In Peruvian herbal medicine today," says Taylor, "maca is reported to be used as an immunostimulant; for anemia, tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, menopause symptoms, stomach cancer, sterility (and other reproductive and sexual disorders); and to enhance memory. Other… herbal medicine uses in the U.S. and abroad include increasing energy, stamina, and endurance in athletes, promoting mental clarity, treating male impotence, and helping with menstrual irregularities, female hormonal imbalances, menopause, and chronic fatigue syndrome."

In a recent double blind placebo-controlled, randomized, parallel trial in men it was concluded that, "treatment with Maca improved sexual desire". Yet another study asserts that, "Maca seems to act as a modulator of sperm count at the reproductive tract level."


60-120 drops (2-4 ml), three times daily, in a mouthful of water, on an empty stomach

Contraindications and Cautions:

Do not take this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult a health care provider prior to use if you are taking prescription medications or if you have been diagnosed with a serious illness.
Available in bottle sizes of 50ml, 100ml, and 250ml.


Tinctures are more readily absorbed by the body and have a high degree of bio-availability. As well, they have a long shelf life.

Sometimes people ask us why tinctures are alcohol-based. There are very good reasons. Alcohol is critically important in the extraction of an herb's medicinal ingredients. It also helps to stabilize and preserve them. Alcohol is the ideal carrier substance, conveying the therapeutic goodness of the herb to the body. In itself, too, science has proven that alcohol enhances the immune system and its defences.

As for the amount of alcohol taken in an average dose of tincture, you'll be surprised to learn that it's about the same as what you'd find in an overly ripe banana!

Tinctures remain the most practical way to take advantage of the amazing, health-giving power of herbs.


Certified Organic

Maca Root (Lepidium meyenii)

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