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One True Nature by Chad Cornell


One True Nature is a poetic quest into the sacred heart of creation. It's a courageous journey into the mysteries of life, death, and beyond. Though we all long for love, health, and happiness, so few of us feel we find. We wish for peace, meaning, and a sense of belonging, yet so often we find ourselves in crisis.

Possibly one of the most radical things we can do in this modern world is to pause and create some space to simply be with the the art of poetry. It is in such a space that grace can enter and offer us deeper insight into our nature and the beauty and potential of our human journey.

From evolution to revolution, from spiritual longing to ecological crisis, One True Nature delivers the reader a message: that there is more to our lives than meets the eye, and crisis may truly be the compost for our blooming. Indeed all of our struggles and victories carry meaning and we can each play a part in the greater healing of nature.