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Phone/Internet Consultation with Chad Cornell, Master Herbalist


Phone/Internet consultations take approximately 45 minutes. Skype is preferred for web consultations, but other software can also be used.

You will be asked about your personal medical history, main symptoms, diet, lifestyle, etc. Developing a healing program is a co-operative process between both the client and the Herbalist. You will be educated on the remedies, lifestyle suggestions, and research recommended, empowering you to take charge of your own healing process.

Please call us at 204-786-0820 or email us to schedule the appointment and fill out the pre-consultation form. Consultations with a Herbalist are of a nutritional and holistic nature, it must be made clear that a Herbalist is not a medical doctor and does not practice orthadox medicine.

Chad Cornell, Master Herbalist

Chad Cornell, Master Herbalist and owner of Hollow Reed Holistic, is a fourth generation Manitoban who holds a passion for the role of natural healing and the holistic model. He is a graduate of the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing in Calgary, Alberta. Wild Rose, founded by Dr. Terry Willard, is one of the worlds leading natural healing colleges. He has been practicing natural healing methods full-time since.

After spending many years on Canada’s West Coast, Chad now lives in Winnipeg where he operates the apothecary and natural medicine center Hollow Reed Holistic. Chad has been invited for the past 3 years to lecture as a part of the Integrative Medicine Program at the U of M Health Sciences Center Campus. He believes that by studying some common themes in various traditional healing styles, and interweaving them with innovative modern research, we are embarking on an exciting and insightful era of natural and integrative medicine.

Chad’s goal is to provide healing and educational programs that awaken, inspire, and empower. His mission as an Herbalist is to renew our inherent connection to the natural world that surrounds us, and the healing power within us all.